The story behind Elios and how we're keeping families safe and connected.

Josh Cross started his career in post-production for stop motion films, working on projects in Hollywood with superstars such as producer... READ MORE.

Not to brag but, we've won some awards, but our greatest victory's saving lives.

After more than four years of success with on-the-go power products for professional travelers, GoPlug Bags is now part of the Elios family... READ MORE.

What we do and what exactly makes it so critical living in todays world.

Power, bags, and security products for people on-the-go. We specialize in IoT connected personal power supplies embedded with global tracking systems and SOS panic alarms.... READ MORE.

We covered all the stops to ensure you never lose track of anyone or anything.

The Elios Smart GPS tracking power bank will fully charge a smartphone nearly three times
and can track personal gear.... READ MORE.

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