What is an Elios Tracker?

Elios Trackers are the world’s most versatile, longest battery life, Quad-band personal locators for anything that moves. It uses Bluetooth, LTE-M1,NBIoT, GSM Fallback, WIFI, BLE, Indoor positioning systems with accuracy down to 10m using WPS (WiFi Positioning system), GPS, GALILEO, GLONASS that uses any or all of the global satellite constellations for super accurate positioning 0.5-5m average accuracy outdoors.  This is the most advanced tracker in the world!

Who created the Elios Tracker?

We did.  We’re not the first tracker on the market; however, we are the first consumer available quad-band tracker available in the United States and most of the world.

Where can we buy the Elios Trackers?

Elios Trackers are available on Kickstarter for pre-order only.  The trackers will not be available on our website until all pre-orders through this campaign are fulfilled.

Why crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding allows us to do a few things: 1) create an instant community, 2) lower the device cost by bulk manufacturing, 3) expedite the production process, 4) offer our crowdfunding community hidden perks not available to anyone else.

Do I need a "service plan" to use the Elios Tracker?

In order to use the Elios Tracker beyond Bluetooth range (50 feet), a service plan is required.  A service plan gives you real-time trackable coverage for any distance over 50 feet.  Multiple service plan options are available with no obligation or contract.

If I don’t use my service plan, will I be refunded?


Since your devices are on T-Mobile’s network, do I need to be a T-Mobile customer?


Will the device work on other phone companies network like Verizon, Vodafone, or AT&T?

The Elios Tracker could work on other networks; however, the device will be available on the T-Mobile for the life of our partnership with them. We want to give you the best network coverage at the best available price. If T-Mobile is not offering those advantages to you, we will find select a better carrier.

 What sensors are used in the Elios Tracker?

3-axis gymbal and accelerometer

 What countries does the Elios Tracker work in?

210 countries and locations.

 What are the dimensions and weight?

Coming soon

 What is the battery life?

Coming soon

 How long does it take to charge?

Coming Soon

 Is it waterproof?

Coming soon