Elios Global GPS Trackers
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Elios GPS Asset Tracking

Simple Setup. Easy to Use

Elios asset trackers come fully setup to your specification.

Embedded with magnets, it can easily and securely attach to vehicles, machinery, trailers, containers etc for.


Real Time Asset Tracking

Track the location of assets in real time - vehicle, machinery, trailers, containers, etc.  


Track Share

The broadcasting feature will send an email with a link to a secured interactive map of your whereabouts to friends and family. As you walk run, drive, or hike, a GPS trail is created of your exact location showing your path, speed of travel, and other vital information of your travel. This feature is perfect if meeting someone for the first time, on your way home from work, hiking the backcountry, or on a road trip.

Fully Customizable Interval Reporting

Choose between 8 different operating modes and time your Interval reports down to the second. Our devices have been carefully designed to sustain the longest battery life possible for each mode and can last up to 5 years. (one report per day with 7800mAh battery)



Movement Alarm

With Elios inside, you can set up alert notifications on your smartphone if your bag, car, backpack, package, or other asset moves.

With the Elios inside your bag, purse, car, backpack, package, or other assets, receive instant alert notifications to your cell phone if the device moves.

Movement Based Reporting

For a combination of optimal battery life and real time tracking our devices can be set to "Motion On" The device will remain in a sleep mode until it senses the asset is moving at which point it will wake up and report at the preset interval time period and power itself down, when it stops moving.


SOS Panic

Press the SOS button from anywhere to send a pre-programmed message and GPS location to a list of contacts or local law enforcement. Whether you are concerned about your personal safety, or need a backup solution to stay connected where cell service is not covered, pressing the SOS button will send a pre-programmed message and GPS location to a list of your contacts.

Secure Assets

With geo fencing and movement alarms, we provide the best security for your assets. You can receive an instant notification when your asset begins to move and it shouldn't be. Geo fences alert you as soon as your asset crosses an invisible fence.

Communication Specs

GPS Specification

    -162dBm Tracking Sensitivity

    - Accuracy(Open Sky): < 2 meters (CEP50)

Cellular Communication

    - Cat.M1 & NB1:

    - LTE-FDD: B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B8/B12/B13/B18/B19/B20/B26/B28

    - LTE-TDD: B39 (for Cat.M1 only)

    - Output Power: 23dBm±2.7dBm

    - GSM: GSM850/GSM900/DCS1800/PCS1900

Real-time tracking

Track everything

Track the location of objects (vehicle, person, pet, luggage, bike, etc.) from the app or online in real-time. You can view additional information about the tracking: exact address, travel history, speed of travel, etc.


Elios is the only GPS tracker that offers all forms of network connectivity for the broadest coverage available. Most GPS trackers are limited to Bluetooth or GSM network connectivity.