About us

Elios, Inc. is located in the heart of the Silicon Slopes with years of experience developing bleeding edge power and tracking technology for people on-the-go. Industries benefitting from our products include: law enforcement, travel, outdoor, filmmaking, academia, global exploration, and many more.

(Here’s a little secret) Elios currently designs and manufactures products for some of the world’s largest companies – you may be using one of our products now!

Besides providing the best power and tracking technology in the world, Elios was created for a greater global cause – To leave this place (earth) better than we found it!

Elios pledges a portion of it’s proceeds to helping eradicate two of the largest issues in the world today: Power and Safety.


We know portable power extremely well. A portion of proceeds from our power banks will go to providing low-emission and sustainable energy solutions to people in the living conditions hazardous conditions. Because more than 25% of the earth’s population lives without access to electricity, these people often turn to harmful kerosine lanterns and open fires to cook and for light. These methods produce deadly toxins and shorten the lifespan of billions of people.


Elios’s global connected technology must be used in one of the greatest epidemics today – sexual assaults and victimization. A staggering one in four women, and one in six boys will be sexually assaulted by the age of 18 in the US. Elios’s technology provides a safe, discrete method of letting law enforcement and personal contacts if your child is in danger. To learn more click here.

As global citizens, we have a duty to help – Let’s make a difference together and leave this place better than we found it!