Fleet ONE

Fleet One GPS, Safety, Diagnostic Device  

The Elios Fleet ONE Vehicle IoT device provides you with
real-time location, driver safety alerts and certain vehicle diagnostics. Simple plug-and-play installation in a wide variety of vehicles, the Fleet 1 offers an array of features in an
integrated, easy-to-use solution.


  • High-precision GPS with real-time visibility
  • Works with light, medium, and heavy duty vehicles
  • Includes a complete hardware, software and cellular solution to enhance efficiency, security and safety.
  • Geofence alerts notify when vehicles arrive, passthrough and/or leave a specific location.
  • Trip History
  • Easily share live locations and geofences for a set period of time.
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Improve and Manage Expectations

Track fleet activity with custom Geofence Alerts, and get notified when vehicles arrive and leave a specific location, or when abnormal activity occurs.

Secure Assets

With geo fencing and movement alarms, we provide the best security for your Fleet. Receive an instant notification when your asset begins to move and it shouldn't be. Geo fences alert you as soon as your asset crosses an invisible fence.

Movement Based Reporting

For a combination of optimal battery life and real time tracking our devices can be set to "Motion On" The device will remain in a sleep mode until it senses the asset is moving at which point it will wake up and report at the preset interval time period and power itself down, when it stops moving.