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Disc Charger Pro
Disc Charger Pro

Disc Charger Pro

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The Disc Charger Pro is a lightweight, low profile wireless charger that is built with 10W charging hardware, capable of quickly charging any electronic device with the ability to be charged wirelessly. The outer shell is built with a non-slip material that securely holds your phones in place while being charged.

  •  Exterior - The disc charger is made with premium materials to last a lifetime and is a small compact size to help provide more space on your desk. High quality power allows this disc charger to charge through most phone cases.

  • Safeguards - The Disc Charger Pro has built in technology to protect your device from overload, over-voltage, overcharge, and over-heating.

  • Charging- The Disc Charger Pro uses a 5V/2.1 charge that will charge your iPhone, iPad and your Android devices. With a quick charger, now your wait time is 3 times faster than what you are used to.
50 grams
5V / 2.1
1.5x1.5 x 0.3.75in
Recharge time
60 min
Quantity must be 1 or more