Asset ONE
Asset ONE
Asset ONE
Asset ONE

Elios Magneto Asset Tracker

The Asset ONE Unpowered Asset Tracker is ideal for monitoring mobile assets such as intermodal containers, low-cost trailers, dumpsters, construction equipment, light towers, generators, and more. It features customizable GPS check-ins, long-lasting lithium batteries, and a waterproof, ruggedized enclosure.

The ASSET ONE Tracker is designed for non powered assets. It will check-in and report its location at a set Check-in Schedule. There are multiple options for setting each unit's individual check-in schedule.

Turning on the "Wake on Motion" feature enables the Asset ONE tracker to automatically wake up and check-in when it detects movement. These check-ins are recorded and saved in addition to their regularly scheduled check-ins.

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Realtime Visibility into Operations

Eliminate yard hunts, optimize dispatch operations, reduce detention time, and simplify inventory management.

Fully Customizable Interval Reporting

Choose between 8 different operating modes and time your Interval reports down to the second. Our devices have been carefully designed to sustain the longest battery life possible for each mode and can last up to 5 years. (one report per day with 7800mAh battery)

Wake on Motion Features

The ASSET ONE's built-in accelerometer will wake up the unit when it detects a period of continuous movement. When the unit wakes up, it checks-in and reports its location. While the device is moving, it will automatically switch from the default check-in rate to moving check-in rate. When the device comes to a stop, it will again wait for a specified period for the device to be stationary.