Elizabeth Smart is a New York Times best-selling Author and advocate for children – Her abduction was one of the most followed child abduction cases of our time. The partnership between Elizabeth and Elios will help further her mission to motivate parents, law enforcement and leaders worldwide to focus on children’s safety.

Elios’s GPS trackers with SOS panic alarm combined O.U.R.’s mission to save children is a great example of how technology can help make this world a better place. In addition to protecting children against sexual assaults and victimization, O.U.R. also provides or facilitates child exploitation investigative training in various U.S. jurisdictions. Elios is proud to support O.U.R. in these efforts!

Elios carefully researched telecommunication companies with a forward-thinking approach in the IoT world. T-Mobile was selected because of their investment and implementation of Narrowband throughout the US. T-Mobile’s partnership with Elios gives customers unprecedented coverage in the US as well as over 200 countries throughout the world.